KGenius 4   was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica (West Indies), he is an avid singer, songwriter and self-taught guitarist who began his journey as an independent reggae artist more than 10 years ago. KGenius’ original lyrics and music compositions are inspired by the social, political and spiritual quandaries of everyday life. He is also a music producer and engineer with several songs awaiting to be recorded; his music is a blend of his traditional reggae roots and his spirituality. He has performed alongside Third World, I-Octane, Flex Crew, Mutabaruka, Tasha T, Sister Nancy, “Mbalax Super Star” Titi from Senegal, among others.

In 2010 KGenius launched CityLine Open Mic ( in Brooklyn with the hopes of bringing the community together through positive artistic measures. KGenius is on a mission to capture the essence of the old teachings of helping the community to build a better society. To build a better society, KGenius volunteers his talents to the youth and elderly travelling to various NYC public schools, colleges and nursing homes to share the message through the music.

KGenius’ most recent reggae concerts at Bard College (Fall 2016 & 2017) were a huge success; he currently performs with a local 8 piece Reggae band. KGenius’ ultimate goal for the music is to enlighten, motivate, unite and serve as a message of upliftment to the people.

 KGenius’ most recent releases are currently broadcast on Jah Works Radio ( WIUV 91.3 FM, Castleton, VT: KIDE 91.3 Hoppa, CA: Onyx FM, Calabar, Nigeria:, Hawaii: KBUT 90.3, Colorado and Beverly D “Truth 2 Power” show on

KGenius’ 1st EP –Disclosure-  is available for download on iTunes, Spotify and many other digital download distributors. KGenius filmed, directed and edited his music video “Watch the Struggle” from his Disclosure EP, which features R. Steele & Ethiopian.

KGenius’  2nd EP -Deeply Rooted- is also available for download on iTunes, Spotify and many other digital download distributors. KGenius also filmed, directed and edited his most recent music video “Cool It” from the Deeply Rooted EP. Deeply Rooted was inspired by old school reggae foundation music; the EP was KGenius’ first live EP recording, it has inspired KGenius to move forward with his album and capturing the live elements he truly desires.

KGenius is a member of the Jah Works Radio Family, this collaboration with the Jah Works Radio Family provides not only conscious roots healing music but also natural healing superfoods through In his spare time KGenius also films, directs and edits music videos for several artist including Teflon, Marinate (, Ethiopian & R. Steele.

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